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When considering the acquisition of a Green-Cheeked Amazon, it is essential to appreciate their social nature and lively temperament.

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Delve into the mesmerizing world of avian splendor with the Green-Cheeked Amazon, also known as the Red-Crowned Parrot or Mexican Red Head Amazon. This captivating species, native to the lowlands of North-eastern Mexico, has found popularity in the United States, becoming a cherished presence among bird enthusiasts.

A Tapestry of Colors:

The Green-Cheeked Amazon is a visual symphony, predominantly adorned in lush shades of green. A distinctive feature is the brilliant red blaze that gracefully extends over the beak and forehead, adding a captivating touch to their appearance. Behind their expressive eyes, a patch of brilliant blue enhances the overall allure, trailing down the neck in certain individuals.

Captivating Details:

These enchanting birds exhibit fascinating details, with the undersides of their tail feathers displaying a lively lime green/yellow hue. Complementing their vibrant plumage, they boast horn-colored beaks and flesh-colored legs, contributing to their overall charm. The males, measuring approximately 13 inches in length, showcase a striking composition of green, soft black margins, and captivating red and purple/blue accents.

Distinctive Features:

  • Male Features:
    • Green body with soft black margins on feathers from the nape to mantle and upper breast.
    • Dark red forehead, crown, and lores.
    • A mesmerizing purple/blue band extends from above the eye down the sides of the neck.
    • The bases of secondary feathers 1-5 are red, while the remainder exudes a vibrant green.
    • Dull yellow bill, with a pale grey eye ring and yellow eyes.
  • Female Characteristics:
    • The red is less evident on the crown, offering a subtle and distinctive appearance.

Vocal Symphony:

Engage with the lively spirit of the Green Cheeked Amazon through its vibrant vocal expressions. Their repertoire includes a shrill screaming voice, often followed by ascending notes, creating a dynamic and captivating auditory experience. Chattering, characterized by its raspy quality, adds another layer to their expressive communication.

Choosing Your Companion:

When considering the acquisition of a Green Cheeked Amazon, it is essential to appreciate their social nature and lively temperament. These birds thrive on interaction and benefit from a nurturing environment that supports their cognitive and social needs. Seek reputable breeders who prioritize the well-being and ethical treatment of these vibrant avian companions.

Elevate Your Avian Experience:

Incorporate the Green-Cheeked Amazon into your avian journey and discover the joy of sharing your space with a bird of extraordinary charm. Celebrate the vibrancy of nature through the captivating hues and engaging personality of the Green-Cheeked Amazon, and embark on a journey of shared companionship that promises delight and connection.

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