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What Are Exotic Pets?

Exotic pets encompass a diverse array of non-traditional animals that people keep for companionship and enjoyment. These animals often deviate from the more common choices like dogs and cats. The definition of “exotic” varies, but it generally includes species that are not native to the owner’s region or are not typically domesticated. Here are some examples of exotic pets:

It’s essential to note that keeping exotic pets requires extensive research and commitment. Many of these animals have specific dietary, environmental, and healthcare needs that differ from traditional pets. Additionally, local laws and regulations play a crucial role in determining which exotic animals are legal to keep as pets in a particular area. Proper care, education, and responsible ownership are essential for the well-being of both the exotic pets and their owners.

Our Story

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Growing up with parents who lived with exotic pets , cats , tiger , parrots , dogs and various reptiles, i developed the love for all pets in general, i took over from my parents and with the breeding of this species , there was no room to accommodate all so it became a business and since then i have been breeding and selling various animals worldwide.

Our curated selection includes:

Marmoset Monkeys: Experience the enchantment of having a playful and intelligent primate as a part of your family. Marmoset monkeys bring joy and laughter into your home with their lively antics and affectionate nature.

Maine Coon Kittens: Indulge in the charm of the gentle giants of the feline world. Our Maine Coon kittens are not just pets; they’re majestic, fluffy friends that will fill your home with warmth and companionship.

Ocelot Kittens: Unleash the wild elegance into your life with our Ocelot kittens. These beautiful feline companions exude the spirit of the jungle while maintaining an affectionate bond with their human families.

Peterbald Kittens: Revel in the luxury of having a Peterbald kitten, an exquisite breed known for its unique coat and loving demeanor. These elegant felines bring a touch of sophistication to your household.

Cockatoos: Elevate your companionship with the intelligence and charisma of Cockatoos. These sociable birds are not just pets; they’re interactive, feathered friends that become an integral part of your daily life.

Hyacinth Macaws: Witness the brilliance of nature with our Hyacinth Macaws. Renowned for their striking cobalt-blue feathers and engaging personalities, these majestic birds become the highlight of any household.

At extoticpetsworldwide, we’re dedicated to making your dream of having an extraordinary companion a reality. Explore our selection of exotic pets and embark on a journey of unparalleled companionship. Your dream pet is just a click away!

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Very happy with the service provided....I had a query and Customer services were extremely helpful. Tiger cub arrived in perfect health.
It's the second time I have ordered something from exoticpetsworldwide.com. It has good prices, even better deals and a nice delivery service!
My lion cub was delivered with no problems, good health with all papers, didnt have any issue with the customs. satisfied with thier services

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